URBANISTAN - The story of a quiet loudness

Urbanistan – The story of a quiet loudness

As soon as you hear the word Urbanistan your imagination is whisked off into the traffic mayhem of Calcutta, the tawdriness of the neon sex nightlife in Bangkok, the unbelievable structuralised yet frenzied Tokyo, the suffocating and dusty streets of the (hardly) living body of the decaying Cairo, the roundabout of the hedonistic and aggressive Rio, the unstoppable narcissistic Manhattan, the global supermarket of turbo consumerism. However, Matjaž Krivic’s photography project Urbanistan is a miraculous anti-thesis to all this. It is a story from the other side – a story of the quiet loudness on the margins of total existential, religious, economic and geopolitical chaos. A story that speaks of the indestructible spirit and the eternal search of inspiration that enables survival. It is a story of individuals and social groups who, putting aside the racket and general urban angst, keep searching for the core of existence in a different space and a different time. It is a story of survival through play, prayer, tradition, travels and especially, a special light, that the author sees and records so well.


Urbanistan is a space that allows you to take a breather from the city. Any city.


(~Boštjan Videmšek)


Lalibela, Ethiopia: Two young worshippers are reading the Old Testament during the old Christian (orthodox) celebration of Timkat. © Matjaz Krivic


Hatgal, Mongolia: Soviet truck broke down. It seemed it would never start again. However, all it took was a few strikes of a hammer and a bit of water from the experienced driver. © Matjaz Krivic


Uraman Takht, Iran: Pilgrims in the Kurdish part of Iran celebrate the pre-Islamic religious holiday of Aroosi Pir Shahriar. The men are playing the Daf drums while the dervishes are reaching a trance like state through their dance. © Matjaz Krivic


Hampi, India: During the traditional religious festival countless pilgrims sleep in the Virupaksha Temple. © Matjaz Krivic


Thula, Yemen: Young boys playing volleyball in the quiet streets of the historic town. © Matjaz Krivic


Varanasi, India: Young Brahmans, members of the highest Indian caste, on the shores of the sacred river of Ganges at sunrise massaging each other. Later on they will ritually bathe and clean themselves. © Matjaz Krivic


Jaipur, India: Pupils during a mathematics lesson in primary school, where the classrooms are always open. © Matjaz Krivic


Djenné, Mali: Thursday is the town’s ‘trade day’. Market is full of people. © Matjaz Krivic


Lhasa, Tibet: Monks worshipping the deities during the July full moon in the monastery pray night and day with no pauses. © Matjaz Krivic


Spiti, India: Humble, dedicated Tibetan monks in the Ki monastery during the visit of his holiness Dalai Lama, their spiritual and political leader. © Matjaz Krivic


Darchen, Tibet: Tibetan children whose parents went on a pilgrimage around holy Mount Kailash in Western Tibet. © Matjaz Krivic


Sana’a, Yemen: The hairdresser and barber shop in the old part of one of the most spectacular towns in the world. © Matjaz Krivic


Bamako, Mali: Landfill in the capital, which is located in the near proximity of the river Niger, the only true water source, and only a stone’s throw away from the most prestigious hotel in town. © Matjaz Krivic


Bani, Burkina Faso: The famous mosque in the small town in Northern Burkina Faso, known for its large gold deposits. © Matjaz Krivic


Djenné, Mali: A worshipper during prayers in the largest mud mosque in the world. © Matjaz Krivic


Pushkar, India: Following a ritual bath the satisfied pilgrims dry their freshly washed saris on the ghats of the sacred lake. © Matjaz Krivic


Varanasi, India: A gym in which the local boys train and form their bodies for Kushti, a traditional Indian wrestling discipline. © Matjaz Krivic


Djenné, Mali: A girl arriving at the famous Thursday market. © Matjaz Krivic


Kashgar, China: Following successful sales at the cattle market the happy men are resting on their lorry. © Matjaz Krivic


Varanasi, India: The boy is contently watching his herd of water buffalos that are resting on the ghats of the sacred river of Ganges. © Matjaz Krivic


Varanasi, India: A worshipper during his everyday cleansing ritual in the sacred river of Ganges. © Matjaz Krivic


Amritsar, India: A pilgrim during his ritual washing in lake Sarovar, in the centre of which stands the famous Sikh temple Hari Mandir, The golden temple. © Matjaz Krivic


Varanasi, India: Following the completed religious rituals two Sadhus are peacefully sleeping on the shore of the river Ganges in Shiva’s sacred town. © Matjaz Krivic


Varanasi, India: The dog feels safe and content on top of a pile of warm rubbish alongside the river Ganges. © Matjaz Krivic


Shugruf, Yemen: The morning mist rises mystically from the valley towards the small town in the Haraz mountains. © Matjaz Krivic


Djenné, Mali: A cold morning in front of the famous mud mosque where the children are warming up around the pile of burning rubbish. © Matjaz Krivic


Shugruf, Yemen: In the early morning father and son are standing on the platform of their palace, looking at their small town awakening. © Matjaz Krivic


Dipayal Silgadhi, Nepal: Gold panning in the rivers in south-western Nepal provides survival to thousands. © Matjaz Krivic


St. Louis, Senegal: Fishermen bring tons of fresh fish to the markets every morning. A lot of them are processed in the vicinity of the markets. © Matjaz Krivic


Nouakchott, Mauritania: A large warehouse of spare parts, a kind of an engine burial yard, where the employees need merely minutes to find anything your heart desires. © Matjaz Krivic


Bodh Gaya, India: Beggars hurry to listen to the teaching of his holiness the Dalai Lama, where they will receive some food and money. © Matjaz Krivic


Lhasa, Tibet: A girl in front of the famous Jokhang temple is carefully filling the candles with yak oil, for they should never die out. © Matjaz Krivic


Ulan Bator, Mongolia: The trotter is getting ready for the horse race, one of the three disciplines on the traditional Mongolian festival of Nadam. © Matjaz Krivic


Fes, Morocco: Moroccan leather was famous around the world already in the middle ages. The way they work in the tanneries in the old part of the city has not changed over the centuries © Matjaz Krivic


Bam, Iran: The woman mourns on the grave of her family that died in the cataclysmic 2003 earthquake. The earthquake flattened most of the town, including the legendary citadel. © Matjaz Krivic


Howraman Takht, Iran: Pilgrims in the Kurdish part of Iran celebrate the pre-Islamic religious holiday of Aroosi Pir Shahriar. The men are playing the Daf drums while the dervishes are reaching a trance like state through their dance. © Matjaz Krivic


Varanasi, India: The local barber is ready for his work very early, for the ghats alongside the river of Ganges are full of worshippers and pilgrims. © Matjaz Krivic


Esfahan, Iran: In the hot July afternoon the children refresh themselves in the lake on Imam’s square. © Matjaz Krivic


Lhasa, Tibet: Tibetan children are playing on a military airplane, a symbol of occupation that the Chinese authorities erected on the square opposite the Potala palace, a symbol of Tibetan Buddhism. © Matjaz Krivic


Kathmandu, Nepal: A peaceful night view of Patan and the mighty Himalaya in the background. The town of Patan and the Durbar square are under Unesco protection. © Matjaz Krivic


Varanasi, India: A view of the holy river of Ganges as seen from an abandoned palace in Varanasi. © Matjaz Krivic



Jaipur, India:. The woman is cleaning the stairway of the observation tower of the large sundial at the Jantar Mantar observatory. © Matjaz Krivic


Thula, Yemen: At sunset the shepherds lead their sheep and goats home. © Matjaz Krivic


Shibam, Yemen: The boy that has leaned his rifle against the wall is praying in an old abandoned mosque in the desert, near the historical town in the Hadhramaut valley. © Matjaz Krivic


Varanasi, India: The man alongside the holy Ganges is getting ready for the funeral of his relative, who will be cremated on the most sacred Hindu place. © Matjaz Krivic


Lamayuru, India: A Ladakh settlement in the Himalayas at sunset. © Matjaz Krivic


Fes, Morocco: Moroccan leather was famous around the world already in the middle ages. The way they work in the tanneries in the old part of the city has not changed over the centuries. © Matjaz Krivic


Varanasi, India: Kite runner in front of the Alamgir mosque. © Matjaz Krivic


Kathmandu, Nepal: Pashupatinath Temple, one of the most important Hindu temples dedicated to Shiva. © Matjaz Krivic


Shibam, Yemen: A young boy plays in a cave above the historic town. © Matjaz Krivic


Agra, India: A woman passing the crown of palaces. The white marble mausoleum of Taj Mahal. © Matjaz Krivic


Varanasi, India: A Sadhu during his ritual puja in his Shiva Temple. © Matjaz Krivic


Varanasi, India: A pilgrim man is meditating in a deserted palace. © Matjaz Krivic


Kathmandu, Nepal: Kumari precession at famous Durbar square. © Matjaz Krivic


Uch Sharif, Pakistan: A woman praying on a grave of her husband. © Matjaz Krivic


Lalibela, Ethiopia: Kids playing on the corridors of Bet Mariam © Matjaz Krivic


Shugruf, Yemen: A young man is guarding the khat fields in the valley below. © Matjaz Krivic


Thulla, Yemen: A woman is walking through the narrow streets of historical town. © Matjaz Krivic


Sana’a, Yemen: Historical old town of Sana’a, a Unesco World Heritage site. © Matjaz Krivic


Beni Isguen, Algeria: One of five historical towns in Gardaia Pentapolis. © Matjaz Krivic


Pingyao, China: Part of an ancient city of Pingyao at dusk. © Matjaz Krivic


Varanasi, India: A Sadhu is reading daily news on the banks of holy river Ganges. © Matjaz Krivic



Bundi, India: Panoramic view of the old palace of Bundi. © Matjaz Krivic


Uramantakht, Iran: A kurdish man looking towards his village during a festival of Pir Shaliar. © Matjaz Krivic


Derge, East Tibet, China: Pilgrims prostrating on their long way to Lhasa. © Matjaz Krivic


Djenné, Mali: A young boy studying Holy Koran at a medrassa school in Djenné. © Matjaz Krivic


Lhasa, Tibet: Potala Palace in a late afternoon sendstorm. © Matjaz Krivic


Varanasi, India: A pilgrim man is meditating in a deserted palace. © Matjaz Krivic


Diafarabe, Mali: A young Fulan Shepard resting on the banks of river Niger waiting to cross with his cattle. © Matjaz Krivic













Matjaz Krivic Photographer
copyright © Matjaz Krivic